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Covert Operations

Working together with police and law enforcement agencies to protect our clients from crime

  • Asset protection & specialist recovery
  • Unique, results-driven tracking solutions
  • Company infiltration & penetration testing
  • Technical counter surveillance

Overt Surveillance

Monitoring, guarding and tracking your assets to minimise the risk of business disruption

  • Rapid deployment & incident management
  • Static and mobile guarding & surveillance
  • Close and executive protection
  • CCTV installation & remote monitoring

Intelligence Analysis

Delivering proven results for our clients in the fight against organised crime

  • Intelligence gathering & analysis
  • Unparalleled liaison with UK police forces
  • ATM protection & specialist monitoring
  • Tiger kidnap & hostage protection

What We Do

We are a specialist, accredited security provider, delivering a range of highly innovative, intelligent security solutions and services to a diverse range of clients across the UK.

Our aim is simple: to provide extraordinary security that protects, detects and eliminates emerging risks to businesses, people and assets.

In the event of incidents occuring, they are proactively and professionally managed on behalf of clients from start to finish, securing extraordinary return on investment and enhanced brand reputation for our clients.

At PWG we embrace and pioneer the latest technologies, to deter criminal behaviour and continually keep us one step ahead. Everything we do is results-driven, and through the use of innovative technology, effective intelligence analysis and dedicated, specialist staff, we consistently exceed the needs and expectations of our clients.

Trojan Covert Operations

Trojan™ is our special investigations arm that finds answers to difficult questions and comes up with facts, evidence and results. Time and again.

Using state of the art technology and highly trained, expert staff in the field, we provide an extensive range of covert services under the Trojan™ brand. These include criminal investigation, surveillance, corporate investigation, mystery shopper, business infiltration, close protection and manned guarding.

Our clients often face challenges in securing effective engagement with police forces, especially where criminality transcends force boundaries. Through our unrivalled industry leading relationships with UK police forces, we are able to deliver influential points of contact. This allows us to secure significantly higher levels of engagement and results for you than would otherwise be achievable.



Hawkeye 999 Overt Surveillance

If you need your property, people or assets monitoring and making safe, you need Hawkeye999™.

With our distinctive fleet of overt surveillance vehicles and highly trained staff, we are at the forefront of gathering intelligence in the field. We provide reassurance and protection whilst all the time recording valuable visible evidence with our advanced CCTV cameras, relaying real-time stats and data back to our 24/7 control centre.

Our clients regularly call upon us for securely opening and closing premises, cash point surveillance, cash in transit security, patrolling housing estates and being on-site for any essential business security or intelligence gathering.

As well as providing a strong, visible deterrent, Hawkeye999™ uses innovative technologies that enable us to monitor, recover and prosecute with unparalleled results against organised crime groups.

Intell Us

Our Intell Us™ brand has an unrivalled reputation in intelligence analysis and its co-ordination, providing proven results for our clients.

We focus on prevention where possible, and detection where practical. Supported by highly effective intelligence gathering in close collaboration with both our customers and police forces alike, the product delivers an unrivalled maximum return on investment where your corporate security objectives demand zero tolerance.

Adhering to the principles of the UK National Intelligence Model we effectively communicate, influence and support police forces to help tackle your most difficult threats.


Our Results

Return on investment for our clients lies at the heart of our approach, and we believe that we, like any other business, are only ever as good as our results. Fortunately for us, our results are as extraordinary as the security services we provide.

Below are a series of buttons that link to some of our recent case studies across a variety of sectors. Please click on them to see our results for yourself.

Financial Sector - ATM

Our challenge

Using gas as an explosive, Organised Crime Groups carried out a series of physical explosive-remove attacks on ATMs in the North West and Midlands regions, stealing large amounts of cash. The client suffered significant increases in these attacks, which had proven extremely difficult to deal with. As a result, there had been significant cash losses and considerable business disruption, threatening risk on public safety and brand reputation.

What we did

By working with the client and acquiring intelligence, we accurately identified and predicted ATMs at high risk of attack. Innovative technical measures were implemented, which, supported by remote and physical monitoring, detected attacks in progress and tracked stolen cash. Developing strong working relationships with the police, we ensured high levels of engagement and operational response for our client. Following two explosive attacks in one day, stolen cash was tracked and located to a house where, working closely with Police on Operation Matrix, a number of secured prosecutions and convictions were made of members of Organised Crime Groups.

The result

The client has seen a reduction in risk to physical attacks in the North West and Midlands area, as a result of our assistance. In addition to protecting cash, the success achieved also resulted in improved staff and public safety, improved business continuity for the bank and the community and enhanced the brand reputation.

Financial Sector - ATM

Our challenge

Organised Crime Groups see the cash in ATMs as high value opportunities without the risks associated with cash in transit robberies. Consequently physical ATM attacks have grown significantly. The client, a major independent ATM provider, was suffering high levels of risk, and increases in physical attacks to ATMs. This involved large cash losses and resulted in considerable business disruption, leading to negative impact on public safety and brand reputation.

What we did

We deployed technical solutions in over 1300 of the client’s ATMs that we remotely monitor from our 24/7 Control Centre. This allows us to accurately determine attacks in progress and generate immediate police responses. Our solution gives the ability to specify the exact nature of the force used, whether gas, explosive, acetylene cutting, stihl saw or grinder, door pull attack, etc. Coupled with our intelligence gathering capability we were also able to determine areas of high risk to allow other ‘layered’ security solutions to be implemented.

The result

We provided the police with precise information that guided them to make arrests and/or deter attacks, preventing the loss of cash. This, with other measures, resulted in significant reductions in ATM attacks for the client. Over £2M in cash in ATMs was prevented from being stolen in a 24-month period. This resulted in improved staff and public safety, improved business continuity for the client and the community and in protecting brand reputation.

Tobacco Manufacturer

Our challenge

During the delivery of cigarettes to retail outlets, Organised Crime Groups carried out extreme physical attacks on vehicles while delivery staff were engaged in nearby premises. Over 50 such attacks occurred during two months in 2013 resulting in significant financial loss, business disruption and negative impact on staff morale. Attacks spread through eleven police force areas, to become a nationwide threat. Neither the client nor the police had any intelligence on crimes, therefore any ability to identify suspects or recover goods.

What we did

Working with the client and by acquiring ‘hard to obtain’ intelligence through incident analysis we accurately identified and predicted areas at high risk of attack for focused attention. Innovative technical measures were deployed discreetly in cargo. By using our ‘IntellUS’ intelligence system, fully supported by tracking devices and covert physical patrols to source real time intelligence, we were able to recover stolen property from all ten subsequent crimes where goods were stolen and most importantly, to locate offenders for immediate police action.

The result

Our involvement helped to provide an extensive intelligence ‘picture,’ resulting in the identification and arrests of seventeen organised crime members. This combined with the recovery of the stolen goods, Stolen Goods improved business continuity, and the reduced ongoing security costs has provided a considerable return on investment for the client.

Social Housing

Our challenge

Wigan & Leigh Housing were experiencing high levels of Anti-Social Behaviour in a series of six high-rise blocks of flats. They were experiencing problems both around the exterior, but also within these blocks on the landings, stairwells and also inside the flats themselves. Part of this ASB was people openly engaging in drug taking within the stairwell and landings, with people also sleeping rough in the communal areas within the blocks of flats.

What we did

PWG operatives were used in a high profile uniform role to conduct patrols both outside and inside the blocks, supported by a fully liveried camera van. As well as acquiring valuable intelligence and evidence, our operatives provided high-level engagement and reassurance to the law-abiding residents and visitors to the flats, and where necessary, requested a number of persons who they believed had no lawful right to be in the buildings to vacate the premises.

The result

Our patrols significantly reduced anti social behaviour, increasing resident satisfaction and reassurance levels. Assisted by Greater Manchester Police, we ensured that all unlawful persons were removed from the premises, and where possible, all anti social behaviour was recorded on camcorder for use by both Wigan & Leigh Housing and the Authorities in any proceedings made against a person. We also saved a life due to the quick response from our operatives during a rescue from premises on fire.

Financial Sector - Investigation

Our challenge

A senior executive of a financial institution was being threatened by an unknown male customer who the Police were having extreme difficulties in identifying and locating. The male would also stalk the victim and threaten them by phone, letter and e-mail. The senior executive feared for their safety and an approach was made to PWG to find the suspect.

What we did

A direct line to PWGs Emergency Operations Centre was established for the customer to provide 24/7 protection and reassurance. Tracing and tracking devices were deployed to locate the suspect if he made contact again. Our intelligence operatives traced the suspect to an address. To lure the culprit out into the open a fabricated package addressed to him was delivered to a location approximately 10 miles away. We followed and monitored him as he collected the bogus package, then followed him back to his home address where an injunction was served on him.

The result

The culprit appeared in court and was told that he faced imprisonment unless he ceased harassing and contacting the victim. Since then no other contact has been made to the client by the offender. The company and senior executive have thanked PWG for tracing and dealing effectively with the offender. This has improved the reputation of the company in taking the protection of its employees seriously.

Charities Sector - CSR

Our challenge

Forced marriage and human trafficking features highly on UK National and International Agendas. Dealing with threats are often complicated by reasons wrongly purported to be ‘cultural’ and ‘family’, which prevents adequate protection for victims. This, coupled with a lack of trust in Law Enforcement and social agencies, means that undetected abuse of victims is high. Freedom Charity was created to address these issues, protect victims and seek to influence public attitude and the development of legislation.

What we did

Working closely with Freedom Charity and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Forced Marriage Unit, PWG took the role of receiving text alerts to a mobile app and our 24/7 Emergency Response Centre also accepted calls around the clock, so that victims and their friends could discreetly and confidentially report threats of coercion into forced marriage, abduction and suspicions in real time. Due to the effective media coverage of the Charity, PWG also received calls for help which included other serious and often complex threats, including human trafficking, domestic servitude and other often ‘hidden’ and difficult to resolve social issues affecting human rights and resulting in serious oppression.

The result

Of many notable successes, PWG received and handled the incident involving three women who had been held against their will in alleged domestic servitude for 30 years in Lambeth in October 2013, resulting in their release and subsequent freedom. This is only one of several examples of the unique situations that PWG was able to manage, take control of, obtain evidence to and coordinate with Law Enforcement agencies and the Charity to achieve successful outcomes to in the most difficult and in some situation, in the most harrowing of circumstances.

The Company

Professional Witnesses Ltd was originally founded in 1997 to help and support police authorities, serve, protect and reassure people.

Today, we are instrumental in protecting the assets, security, people and essential processes of many of the UK’s best-known organisations.

Operating at the forefront of the more acute areas of security and intelligence, the company’s team are drawn from many branches of senior levels of police, special forces and military, with an excellent pedigree in crisis management and a wide range of commercial scenarios.

We work with a number of charities on a pro-bono basis e.g. providing breaches of human rights, forced marriages, slavery, anti-human trafficking and hostage lines. This includes the confidential monitoring and response to a mobile device application aimed at vulnerable persons, working closely with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Arranged Marriage Unit in London. We also sponsor local initiatives e.g. community children's football clubs.

Leading the future of specialist security provision we invest in our people, technologies and in our proactive services. We are based within the local community providing much needed employment, and are committed to growing local expertise and being an employer of choice.